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Chemical Cleaning & Passivation

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Fleece pads used for cleaning.
£116.42 excl tax
Pickling Spray - 240. Restores stainless steel surfaces that have been damaged during fabrication operations such as welding, forming, cutting, grinding and blasting.
£312.97 excl tax
BlueOne - 130. Restores damaged stainless steel surfaces, such as weld seams, by removing weld oxides, the underlying chromium depleted layer and other defects that may cause local corrosion.
£55.84 excl tax
Cleaner - 401. Superficial rust, oil, grease and lime deposits can occasionally appear on any stainless steel surface.
£300.70 excl tax
Passivator - 630. Aimed for a wide-range of industrial passivating applications. It offers a good general passivating result on stainless steel surfaces.
£288.42 excl tax
RedOne - 140. A strong pickling paste, suitable for the pickling in difficult applications such as very high alloyed stainless steel grades, at lower temperatures in colder climate etc.
£55.84 excl tax
A black 4 meter cable with two plugs for a Clean Marker Brush-IT device.
£100.28 excl tax
Clean Marker Brush-V3 offers maximum cleaning performance with lowest possible ingredient concentration. Clear reduction of corrodibility on treated workpieces in comparison to similar processes available on the market. For marking and cleaning, the brush and electrode attachments can be changed easily. Additionally, the kit Includes but is not limited to: Marking and cleaning electrolytes cables with clamps, brushes and a cloth.
£1,574.81 excl tax
Felt strip for using on Electro etching markingtools. Can be cut to desired length and attached to graphite backing block with an o-ring.
£13.19 excl tax
Cleaning Solution for use with all Electrolyte Weld Cleaning.
£99.72 excl tax
Cleaning Solution for use with all Electrolyte Weld Cleaning.
£328.03 excl tax
A glass fibre roll used by welders to reduce the risk of fire.
£96.52 excl tax
Greinox 2000 Electrolyte 1l for the fast cleaning of strong discolourations, works well with the ECO Line devices. NB Only Available to Irish Shipping Address
£32.87 excl tax
Replacement M8 brush for use with Greising V2 and V3 brush electro cleaning machines.
£37.94 excl tax
Greising M10 Copper Electro Brush for use with Greising brush electro cleaning machines.
£48.27 excl tax