Seamus Collins

Seamus Collins
Sales Representative

Seamus has been with Abcon since 2015 and has over 12 years’ experience in the Automotive Refinishing sector.  

Aside from his expert knowledge of paints and finishing products, Seamus is also a qualified Automobile Technician and together with his farming background, this meant that he had a great working knowledge of tools and engineering equipment when he came to us and so had no problem in becoming an expert in Woodworking and Engineering too. 

Seamus’ has been playing with Creggs Rugby Football Club for the past year and is loving the sport and enjoys keeping fit.  In his spare time, he also enjoys servicing rally cars and motorbikes at rallies and road races for friends.  Busy as he is, he makes sure to put time aside for weekends and holidays away with his wife Jane!

Email      Mobile (087) 787 3290