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A blow torch is a handheld tool that produces an intense, focused flame using a combination of fuel and air. It is commonly used for tasks such as soldering, brazing, or even culinary applications.
€27.9800 excl tax
Euro cylinder torch gas 175g used with a blow torch.
€4.9300 excl tax
Euro cylinder torch gas 355g used with a blow torch.
€6.9200 excl tax
More powerful, faster and more extreme turbo torch TX504 consumes less gas yet provides better heat, resulting in faster brazing and generally better outcomes.
€110.0000 excl tax
Mapp gas is hotter than regular gas and can heat up the torch pipe to the desired degree faster resulting in faster soldering or brazing as well as other activities.
€13.1200 excl tax
Propane Gas TTP is a purer gas comapred to MAPP it doe'snt get as hot as MAPP but is sufficient for all tasks such as heating, soldering and brazing.
€12.2500 excl tax