Sievert Powerjet Torch

Code: R.SIE.253547
71.57 ex VAT

Powerjet Blowtorch 

The Powerjet is the most flexible hand-held torch system and provides everything the professional or home user requires. With many unique features, these blowtorches can be used for brazing, soft soldering, heat-shrinking, heating and dismantling work. It also can be used with further optional interchangeable burners that are easy to switch between.

The most powerful and efficient torch system in the market • The ergonomic handle is both long lasting and reliable • Reliable Automatic Piezo ignition (up to 30000 ignitions) • Trigger on/off function helps preventing LPG wastage • Anti-Flare enables the torch to operate in all positions (360º) • Full range of 6 easily interchangeable burners • Easy exchange of nozzles

The system can be used with several gases including Propane, Butane, Propane/Butane mix, Ultragas, MAPP® and Ultramapp for extreme heat

Made in Sweden