Sievert Special Offer

Code: SO167
77.02 ex VAT

Fantastic special offer for a Sievert Powerjet Gas Blow Torch with standard Flame Burner plus one additional burner FREE OF CHARGE!
The Sievert Powerjet Gas Blow Torch (Code R.SIE.253547)) fits disposable steel cartridges - for example Rothenberger, Bullfinch, Todays Tools, Bernzomatic Propane and Mapp Gas etc. It has automatic piezo ignition which means that one press on the trigger lights the flame. Release the trigger and the flame goes out. When you use the bayonet fitting, the burner can be easily changed without tools. It is safe and convenient and an integrated regulator gives a stable flame and minimizes the risk of the blow torch flaring up, if it is held upside down.