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Detailing Pads

Rupes Detailing Pads

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The Coarse Wool Polishing Pads are specially engineered for use with random orbital, gear-driven, and triple-action tools and are ideal for removing severe paint defects. These pads are designed with a more rigid and dense blue foam, which maximises the translation of tool movement to the work surface, resulting in increased cutting power and efficiency.
€14.3500 excl tax
The Medium Wool Polishing Pads are engineered for use with random orbital, gear-driven, and triple-action tools, and are well-suited for moderate defect removal. These pads feature a more flexible yellow foam, which enhances control on curves and contours while also providing a softer support for improved finishing ability.
€14.3500 excl tax
The DA Coarse Foam Pad is specifically designed for use with both random orbital and gear-driven tools, making it a versatile option for various applications. The innovative open-cell foam material used in the pad provides excellent results by effectively removing mild to severe defects from most paint systems.
€11.1300 excl tax
The DA Fine Foam Pad is the most versatile foam pad offered in the RUPES BigFoot range, providing a balance between effective defect removal and high-gloss finishing capabilities on most paint systems.
€11.1300 excl tax
The D-A Ultra-Fine Foam Pad is specifically engineered for high-gloss finishing and polishing on very soft or haze-prone paint surfaces. It is also suitable for the application of sealants or waxes.
€11.1300 excl tax
Rupes Ultra Fine Finishing Pad - White. Suitable for use with velcro backing systems. Ideal for all finishing operations. Removes very light swirl marks and ensures high gloss levels on all paint systems.
€9.1700 excl tax
Coarse Microfibre Polishing Pad for Random Orbital. Designed for removing heavy swirl marks, scratches and oxidation from any color paintwork. The unique microfibre is designed to produce optimal level cutting on the toughest paints.
€11.5400 excl tax
Fine/Medium Microfibre Polishing Pad for Random Orbital. Designed to increase defect removal rate without sacrificing finish quality when using with random orbital polishers. Restore depth and clarity to a vehicles paintwork. The Fine Microfiber Pads eliminate light imperfections delivering perfect optical grade finish.
€11.5400 excl tax
The D-A COARSE Extreme Cut Microfiber Pad is an exclusive pad meant for use with Dual Action polishers, specifically designed to eliminate severe defects, sanding marks, and scratches on flat and solid surfaces. The foam interface has a high density and lateral stability, which, combined with the specialized microfiber material, facilitates quick cutting.
€11.4200 excl tax
The D-A FINE Microfiber Polishing Pads are exclusively made for use with Dual Action polishers, and they are engineered to eliminate moderate defects, swirls, haze, and holograms on fully cured paint. The pads feature a specialized microfiber material that is firmly attached to a semi-flexible foam backing, which provides better control and contouring over a wide range of panel shapes.
€11.4200 excl tax
The D-A ULTRA-FINE Microfiber Polishing Pads are designed to enhance the cutting power for finishing on hard paint surfaces. The pad features a unique microfiber polishing material that is combined with an exceptionally soft foam interface. This unique combination enables the pad to increase the defect-removing power of ultra-fine polishes, such as RUPES UNO Pure.
€11.4200 excl tax
The open-cell technology used in Coarse Foam Polishing Pads ensures rotational stability and minimises heat build-up resulting from rotary motion. This technology enables the pads to deliver exceptional performance and efficiently remove severe defects and sanding marks from painted surfaces.
€8.1300 excl tax
Designed to produce an exceptionally high-gloss finish and eliminate fine imperfections, the Ultra-fine Foam Polishing Pads are exclusively intended for use with rotary tools. Their open-cell foam formula guarantees excellent stability while correcting paint defects or removing haze caused by earlier, heavier polishing stages. Moreover, the formula minimises heat build-up resulting from rotary motion.
€8.1300 excl tax
Specifically designed for rotary tools, the Fine Foam Polishing Pads aim to restore high gloss while eliminating moderate surface defects and imperfections. The pads feature a new foam structure that enhances the polishing experience by providing a comfortable and smooth operation. The open-cell technology used ensures rotational stability and minimises heat build-up resulting from rotary motion.
€8.1300 excl tax
Rupes Bigfoot blue coarse polishing foam pad is ideal for paintwork compounding, this pad effectively eliminates 1500 grit sanding marks. The open cell foam material is engineered to endure prolonged polishing sessions. Its 24-degree beveled edge guarantees complete surface coverage during use.
€12.4500 excl tax